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Secondary (remote) hub's baseline_engine QOS MESSAGE queue appears yellow and is backing up.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Baseline_engine Qos_message of our secondary tunnel is very high.

Currently, java is 1024MB, we tried to increased it to 2048 and restarted baseline probe. Still, the queue is very high.


  • UIM v9.1 and earlier
  • baseline_engine 2.x
  • prediction_engine 1.x
  • hub_7x
  • robot_update 7.x


The problem may have been caused by manual configuration during the initial hub install.


  1. Deactivate the baseline_engine probe on the remote hub
  2. Delete both baseline_engine queues (baseline_engine.QOS_MESSAGE and baseline_engine.BASELINE_CONFIG) via the hub GUI Queues Tab window and click Apply
  3. Activate baseline_engine (Note that the baseline_engine.BASELINE_CONFIG is created automatically and does not need to be created/recreated manually). Check to be sure its created via the hub Status Tab window.
  4. (Optional) Then use the web Admin Console to configure a simple baseline for a probe on one of the robots off of that same hub. Once a baseline is created by checking the 'Compute Baseline' checkbox then clicking 'Save,' it creates a baseline QOS message and then the baseline_engine.QOS_MESSAGE queue is created automatically 
NOTE: It also does NOT need to be created/recreated manually.

After a few minutes, you should see the baseline_engine.QOS_MESSAGE queue shows up in the hub Queues and Status Tab windows. 

The queues should be green and successfully process messages.

NOTE: The 'bulk_size' for both queues should show their bulk_size as 1000 (this is their default out of the box bulk_size setting). If the bulk_size was not 1000, to begin with then someone most likely manually created these queues and they will not work as expected. They should also show an 'Id' and populate the information in the 'Established' column.