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"LSP is down" alarms are generated for interfaces in Maintenance Mode in Spectrum MPLS Manager


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When an interface is put into Admin Down state, Spectrum automatically sets the status to Maintenance Mode.  If this interface is part of an MPLS path, or multiple MPLS paths, Spectrum will generate a "LSP is Down" alarm for every LSP that the interface is part of.


Release :

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The interface in the MPLS path has been set as Admin Down and/or has been placed in Maintenance Mode.


This is functioning as designed.  When an interface is in maintenance mode, Spectrum assumes the interface is down (since maintenance mode is admin down status). If any interfaces are down in an MPLS path, the LSP is Down alarm is generated. To clear this alarm,  take the interfaces out of maintenance mode and make sure both Admin Status and Oper Status are up.