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Policy Server crashing every time Arcot/Riskminder is called


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CA Advanced Authentication - Strong Authentication (AuthMinder / WebFort) CA Strong Authentication CA Rapid App Security CA Risk Authentication CA Advanced Authentication CA API Gateway


Upgrading to 9.0 on a RHEL system and then invoking Riskminder flow may lead to a Policy Server crash with no core dump. The smexec logs for Broadcom Stieminder  shows that a Process ID (PID) changes which is indicative of a crash but no core is generated,.


Release :

Component : AuthMinder(Arcot WebFort)  on Linux platform


On a Linux platform, "undefined symbols in Broadcom's Risk Authentication / Strong Authentication Adapter shared libraries leads to a Policy Server crash on RHEL". No core is generated. 


A hot fix exists for this issue. Attaching the fix for this issue along with the release notes that help one to deploy the fix. 

Attached files are as follows 

1. CA-Adapter-9.0-DE333773-Hotfix. 

3. CA-Adapter-9.0-DE333773-Hotfix-Release-Notes.txt

Additional Information

Please test the attached fix thoroughly in a non-production environment prior to apply the same in a Production environment. 

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1562619207787__CA-Adapter-9.0-DE333773-Hotfix-Release-Notes.txt get_app