Audit Report shows MAXDAYS as 0 instead of 30.
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Audit Report shows MAXDAYS as 0 instead of 30.


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ACF2 ACF2 - DB2 Option ACF2 for zVM ACF2 - z/OS ACF2 - MISC


SO03886 was recently applied  and now the SAS AUDIT report that runs regularly is showing incorrect values for MAXDAYS logonid field.


Release :

Component : CA ACF2 R16


PTF SO03886 was an enhancement that "Increases the MAXDAYS limit on a LOGONID record from 255 to 366."


The situation started after PTF SO03886. After this maintenance the MAXDAYS field was moved from LIDREC+x'B' (one byte) to LIDREC+x'B8' (two bytes).

There is also a new bit setting that identifies that the new field is being used. At LIDREC+x'2BC' the x'04' bit means that the new MAXDAYS field is being used. 

If this bit is not on, use the old MAXDAYS field. If the bit is on, use the new field. 


 Please note that SO03886 is suped by 3 PTFs SO04534, SIO05094 so06277

Additional Information

The new field being used for MAXDAYS is at LIDREC+x'B8'. This field previously contained values for tso region size - so it may contain residual data like 2048 or 4096

The old maxdays value will always remain in place in the logonid record - if it was ever set.

1     logonid1       030                       0                  old logonid not changed since SO03886
2     logonid2       030                     30                  old logonid changed since so03886       
3     logonid3       000                     30                  either new logonid with maxdays(30) (created after so03886)
                                                                             or old logonid with maxdays(0)  and then recently changed to maxdays(30)

LOGONID1 and LOGONID2 have had the maxdays value set at some time prior to SO03886.
LOGONID3 never had a value in the original maxdays field - only the new field was updated.
The new field will be filled in for any new logonid that initially did not have a maxdays value
but has now been changed to have a maxdays value.

If an old logonid is changed for any field, and the maxdays value is in the old field...
the new maxdays field will automatically be copied to the new field. the old field value will not be removed.