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Ntevl probe : Duplicate alarms generated on hard reset \ crash


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


If a robot running the ntevl probe crashes or is hard reset (eg poweroff in vmware) it can resend alarms that have already been received and acknowledged.


UIM Release : 9.0.2

NTEVL probe version 4.32


The ntevl probe maintains a position file that keeps track of the last record in the event log that was processed

If the probe is not shut down correctly this position file can be corrupted and thus when the probe comes back up it starts at the beginning of the event log.


Enable Position File Backup Interval: allows the probe to back up the position file.

Default: Not selected

Position File Backup Interval: defines the time interval when the probe backs up the position file.

Default: 10 Seconds

Note: The probe keeps the backup of the position file during unexpected system reboot or system crash.