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How can we setup NAS to use the SDGTW probe to assign alarms to different groups?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are about to implement an auto-ticketing system, where UIM (Nimsoft) alarms will create tickets in Service Now. 

The goal is to execute Lua script changing the assignment group depending on alarm type.

Can you please advise how to change the assignment group without using the default group name?

Is it possible to assign groups dynamically?



UIM 9.X and earlier

SDGTW 2.10


Below are the steps you would need to take to accomplish this. 

1) set up a nas pre-processing Lua script to update an alarm field to the group ID in the service desk. In this example, we will use user_tag2. 

2) in the Field Mappings section of your ServiceNow connection profile you should not be using the mapping for the assignment_group field. 

3) The Group Assignment section that appears immediately below this section is to be used for group assignment mapping. 

4) You must select the "Enable Group Assignment" option in the Group Assignment section, then for the Default Group Name you would enter $user_tag2 

5) You must also delete your current assignment_group mapping from the Field Mappings section of the ServiceNow connection profile. 

Apply these changes and restart the probe. 

Once you make these changes, then you should start to see that the assignment_group field in the incidents created in ServiceNow will reflect the value of your user_tag2 fields.