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About using the "Select App" pulldown of the portal reporting function (Analytics Report)


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CA API Developer Portal CA API Gateway


Select "Select APP" drom drop menu in "Home > Dsah board View".

It shows "unauthorized" always.

However, the graph shows the application.

The problem occrred in API that Published from Gateway.

"Enable Analytics for Gateway-Published APIs".

"From the Internal Assertions list, add API Portal Integration Fragment - API Key or API Portal Integration Fragment - OAuth 2.0 snippet to your API service, depending on your method of API protection."

API Portal Integration Fragment-API Key is the policy that was added then

It is not occre in API that Published from Portal.

Also, the APIs of this application is private.

And it does not exceed the limit of account plan.


Release :

Component : API PORTAL


Change the setting value of the "" context variable at line 83 and line 108 of the "API Portal Integration Fragment-API Key" fragment

 before: ${apiKeyRecord.applicationId}

 after : ${}

The problem here is that there is no variable defined "apiKeyRecord.applicationId" in the assertion at line 41 "Portal Look API Key" and that is why this variable always go as empty from the gateway. So after changing the above policy assertions to use "" it will reflect the correct application uuid of the api. The customer can go ahead and apply the workaround in their other environments