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PMs Unauthorized Edit Access to the Clarity PPM Project Settings Page


Article ID: 134197


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We have found out that Project Managers now have edit access to the Project settings page of their projects where they didn't previously. 

Steps to reproduce:

1. Navigate to the Project Manager's project

2. Click on the Properties tab

3. Navigate to the Project Settings page

4. Edit the "Approved Project End date" field 

5. Edit the "Open for time entry" field 

Expected Result: The Project Manager should NOT have edit access to this Settings subpage. The authority to edit the fields should be reserved for the PMO or the System Administrators.
Actual Result: The Project Manager has the ability to view the Project Settings subpage as well as edit/modify the fields.




Check to verify that the subpage is still secure

Steps to check:

1. Go to Administration->Objects->Project->Views

2. Click on the Layout: Edit link next to Project Properties

3. Click the properties icon next to Settings

4. Check to see if Secure is still checked (Or if a display condition was set up what is showing as the requirement in the Display Conditions section)?

5. If it is unchecked and was previously checked, after rechecking this option, the users that are authorized to this subpage would have to be regranted the rights to the subpage (either via group or their individual resource access tab)