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apmgtw probe selected hosts regex example


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Using apmgtw probe to shows UIM metrics on APM. apmgtw probe is showing all hosts on APM even though using regex to select specific hosts.

Log entries as below for all hosts 

Jun 27 12:02:19:556 [pool-19-thread-2, apmgtw] isHostAsRegex: [true] QoS: [ QOS_IOSTAT_AWAIT ] DeviceID: [ D8034B5EA3A20018D789E82XXXXX ] Host: [dsoxgwtapp1], not selected for processing


Release : 8.51

Component : UIM - APMGTW 3.23

APM server version Database PostgreSQL-9.6.2


apmgtw probe regex syntax needs to be modified


Existing pattern used in apmgtw config as below needs to be modified

included-hosts = /^(dso).*/

Can use any regular expression and probe adds case insensitive qualifier. 


You may use the below to match hosts starting with "dso"

included-hosts = ^(DSO).*?$

No need to add slashes (/).

If additional strings to match for example addtional devices start with "apm" can use the expression ^(DSO|APM).*?$ to match against both strings.


included-hosts = ^(DSO|APM).*?$

Currently there is no option to perform case sensitive Host value comparison

Can use any regular expression and probe adds case insensitive qualifier.

Additional Information

included_hosts_as_regex is set to True or False

If you set this key value as True, the probe supports regular expression condition for the Selected Hosts field.

If you set this key value as False, you must use delimiter "|" symbol to select multiple hosts.