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A specific user view got corrupted and can not be restored to defaults. How can I resolve the view corruption?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


When a user goes to a list view and using the configuration wheel, adds or removes a field from the Out Of The Box view an entry is made to the cmn_grids table.

When the users restores the same list view to Default, that entry gets removed from the cmn_grids table.

This table only holds entries for users who have customized their view.

Sometimes the view can get corrupted and when restoring defaults, the entry does not get removed from the table.


Release : Any

Component : Studio


NOTE: Before doing any deletion from the DB, please take the necessary precautions: back up the affected table, take a DB copy ...

How to identify the customized views for a user:

select id, code from cmn_grids where principal_type = 'USER' and principal_id = XXXXXX (5 million internal id of the affected user)

Looking at the code, we can identify the corrupted view.

Let say the user was customizing the Resource Requisitions View.

In this case the select query would return an entry with code: "resource.requisitionList"

If restoring defaults of that view does not resolve the corruption, the approach is to delete the entry from the table.

Delete query sample would be like:

delete from cmn_grids where id = XXXXXX (This ID would come out from the select above)