Web Viewer 14.0 Configuring recall of offline reports
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Web Viewer 14.0 Configuring recall of offline reports


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I need to look at a report that shows as offline. There appears to be no way to recall the report from tape as all options for the report are 'greyed' out. Automation to recall the report was set up in a previous version of Web Viewer.


Release : 14.0

Component : WEB VIEWER


The correct parameter needed to be set up in the repository definition.


This is the same way it worked in previous versions of Web Viewer although the parameters were a little different. There are the parameters for off line reports with Content Viewer

  1. EAS
    Retrieves offline reports on tape using the Expanded Access Server (EAS). This option applies only if you have enabled EAS through CA View. For details about EAS and how to implement it, see the Expanded Access Section under Configuration Best Practices in the CA View documentation. Offline reports appear with a status of EAS to users. Users can select and view these reports.
  2. Online only
    Retrieves online reports only (the default) Offline reports appear with a status of OFFLINE to users. Users cannot select or view these reports.
  3. Recallable
    Retrieves offline reports by requesting that the report be recalled from tape. This option applies only if you have completed the process to automate the recall of offline reports. This process requires configuration in CA View and your automation tool (for example, CA OPS/MVS).

Online only is the default and since automation is already set up from previous versions of Web Viewer,  set the parameter to Recallable. You set this in the repository definition (See Additional Information below). 

Additional Information

Manage your repositories - Configure each repository for how you want to handle offline reports

Automate the recall of offline reports configuration for recallable reports