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CA 1 Tape Management


During CTSSYNC IMPORT processing, CTSSYNC generates the error "ERROR(S) IMPORT vvvvvv IMPORT FAILED ,REASON CODE=00000314" and the associated job step generates the error " COMPLETION CODE - SYSTEM=000 USER=0200 REASON=0000013A".  





The cause for this IMPORT error is that the OAM LCS processing has determined that there is an IMPORT or EXPORT process already in progress, or that the host processing has not completed. There can be only one IMPORT or EXPORT process active at any given time.  

Some notes: 

1) The above CBRXLCS call is identical to the MVS command LIBRARY IMPORT,vvvvvv.  In some cases where the IMPORT process fails (such as when receiving the error 'IMPORT FAILED ,REASON CODE=00000314' ), the user can manually enter the command 'LIBRARY IMPORT,vvvvvv' against the library manager, and this may produce additional diagnostic information used to reset the ATL (for example, the z/OS CBR3852I message may be issued which provides details for resetting the ATL via the command 'LIBRARY RESET, CBRUXENT' .  See the description of this message for additional details). 

2) When LCS is unable to schedule an IMPORT , the following user abend codes are generated:   U0200-00rs IMPORT command could not be scheduled.  'rs' is the Reason code from the 3495/3494 LCS services. It indicates why the IMPORT command could not be scheduled. The reason codes can be found in the LCS External Services Parameter List (LCSPL), mapped by IBM macro CBRLCSPL. This is used to pass parameters to the LCS external services, to pass return and reason codes and other information back to the caller. This macro can be found in SYS1.MACLIB. A U0999 with a dump may be issued if internal logical errors occur.

3) The following message from the IBM VTS (which is written to the host consoles) can be used to monitor the status of various VTS operations: 

    CBR3750I Message from library library-name: message-text

    See the following online documentation for further details concerning this message:

4) See KB article #134280 for more general information describing the CTSSYNC IMPORT and EXPORT process.


Ensure that no more than one IMPORT or EXPORT operation is scheduled or being processed by the LCS at any given time.