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Cannot log into DevTest Workstation by using newly created user from IAM


Article ID: 134033


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CA Application Test


Database for Registry: MySQL 

When creating a new user for DevTest in these steps


  1. Start Identity Access Manager(IAM), Enterprise Dashboard, Registry and Portal
  2. Create a new user from IAM with accessing right DevTest Workstation and the password is "DEVTEST"
  3. Start DevTest Workstation and trying the login by using the new user in step 2, then get the error dialog like below:

And this user cannot login to the DevTest Portal also.



Release : CA Service Virtualization 10.x

Component : DevTest Workstation, Portal


Currently the password "DEVTEST" only has this problem. 

The workaround is: 

  1. Create user from IAM which password is not "DEVTEST" 
  2. Access to DevTest Workstation or Portal by using the user which is created in step 1 
  3. Change the password for the user which is created in step 1 to "DEVTEST" 

Then the user which is created in step 1 can use the password "DEVTEST".