CA Easytrieve: EZTC0441W warning message
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CA Easytrieve: EZTC0441W warning message


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Easytrieve Report Generator


In a CA Easytrieve program with 8 cursors coded, the following warning is given:

EZTC0441W >>>    + 8 cursors coded, maximum cursors at runtime are 6

How may this warning be resolved?


CA Easytrieve Report Generator, release 11.6

CA Pan/SQL 2.4C


Please check macro member OMSMCMD2 on your CA PAN/SQL CAIMAC library for the MAXCUR value.  

Per the error message, this seems to specified as '6' and needs to be adjusted accordingly.  In this case, the value for MAXCUR should be set to 8.

As this is a runtime error, no recompile of the user program is needed. 

However, after the update in OMSMCMD2, please rerun the following jobs from your PAN/SQL SAMPJCL library:  IJ3STGE1, CB2ACMDL, and SQLINST4 for all subsystems involved.