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Roadmap Picklists displayed differently on Roadmap Timeline Report in Advanced Reporting vs Clarity Reports


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Clarity PPM On Premise


To see the difference follow the steps:

1. Connect to Clarity PPM - New UX - Roadmaps

2. Open a Roadmap - View Options - Manage Picklists

3. Create a new picklist called Test Now and two values

4. Run Load Data Warehouse job

5. Go to Home - Reports and Jobs

6. Open Roadmap Timeline and click on Swimlanes Browse icon

7. Note the picklist we've created is in the list

8. Now go to Advanced Reporting - find the report Roadmap Timeline

9. Click on Swimlanes


 Picklists do not match between Advanced Reporting and Clarity - Reports. Picklists are not displayed in Advanced Reporting Roadmap Timeline report - Swimlanes

All Picklists are shown in the lookup on Clarity side. Is it supposed to show all the picklists on all Roadmaps.


This was raised as DE48774 , and it has been closed as Not a Defect with the comments:

In Reports and Jobs, dependent lookups are not currently supported (not available as functionality). Advanced Reporting does have dependent lookups therefore the two lists look a little different but the processing of the report is the same.