XCOMU0298E Txpi 211 RV=79
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XCOMU0298E Txpi 211 RV=79


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The port 8044 is not LISTEN after XCOM R11.6 12110 SP00 is install with AIX 6.1.

I change the configuration of inetd and restart inetd and XCOM, the port 8044 is still not LISTEN.


Release : 11.6

Component : XCOM for AIX


Message  " XCOMU0298E Unable to allocate remote transaction program: Txpi 211: Socket connect error return value =79".


In this case the message was caused by no having configured the /etc/services file with the "txpi' statements. You must have the following statements in the /etc/services file:

txpi 8044/tcp        #CA XCOM txpi IPv4

txpis 8045/tcp      #CA XCOM txpis IPv4 SSL

txpi6 8046/tcp      #CA XCOM txpi6 IPv6

txpis6 8047/tcp    #CA XCOM txpis6 IPv6 SSL

Once you have corrected or added the statements to the file you must recycle inetd with command "refresh -s inetd". If necessary stop and start inetd with commands "stopsrc -s inetd" and "startsrc -s inetd".