Unable to view published solutions via the script wizard
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Unable to view published solutions via the script wizard


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Trying to build a script fails via the wizard in the Windows Client for Vantage. 

When trying to view a published sample script via "Exploit a published solution", a pop-up window is presented with fields that he needs to fill up, as follows: 

Server Name or IP

User Name 


CA Vantage Windows Client -- Release 12.7.871.3

GUI Script Wizard


This issue happens when the application or machine itself has limited internet access. 

The pop-up dialog is not asking for details of the Broadcom server. 

Instead, the windows client is asking for the details for the company proxy server which can be used to access the Broadcom FTP server with the scripts. 

So the customer needs to open an IT ticket in their company to fix the connection issues or to provide the proxy server. 

As per the documentation of the Windows client (help button in script builder):

On some customer networks, proxy authentication is required so that the Windows Client can connect to the server of the CA Vantage Windows Client Best Practice Solutions. 

Provide the Proxy address and port along with the proxy authentication credentials in the Proxy Details dialog that opens. 

Click Ok to connect through the proxy.