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Interfaces with ifConnectorPresent of 2 are seen in the Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) Availability: Group report


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CA Spectrum


A Global Collection (GC) in Spectrum OneClick contains interface models. When the SRM Availability: Group report is run on the GC, interfaces with an ifConnectorPresent value of 2 (meaning virtual) are seen in the report.

However, knowledge article id 95099 "When Generating Reports in CABI "Current Ports Detail: Selected Devices", virtual interfaces are not displayed- Why is this" located at states the following:

"As per the design we only poll the physical interfaces in SRM. We check if an interface is physical or not by checking the MIB attribute ifConnectorPresent ( value 1 indicates physical)"


Release : Any version of Spectrum

Component : Spectrum Reporting


Interfaces that have an ifConnectorPresent of 2 (virtual) are not stored in the interfacemodel table in the reporting database which is used for asset type reports. Hence, that is why they do not appear in the "Current Ports Detail: Selected Devices" report.

However, for Group Availability reports, it does not matter what type of model is a member of the GC, SRM will try to calculate the outages of those models and display the results in the report.