Migrating Automation Point to a new server
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Migrating Automation Point to a new server


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Automation Point OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


The Automation Point is installed at Windows 2008 server, or any other older release, and the planning is to migrate the server to 2016. As part of it, details for installing Automation Point at new server are needed.
Also help in configuring the existing setup like rules and Lpar setup in Automation Point.


Release : 11.5 and higher

Component : Automation Point


Older Windows releases are going out of service, or older hardware is replaced.


First it's needed to install AutomationPoint(AP) on the new server. 

The best is to use the AP rel 11.6 0000 version... 

Install this version on the new Windows server.. 

 If using AP Notification Server, it is also needed to install MS SQL Server...
 When this is done, move or copy your customization data from the old AP server to the new AP server.. 

 There are 3 areas that need to be moved... 

-  1. the AP Site directory and 

-  2. the AP NM information, which is in the MS SQL database, when used. 

-  3. the CCI settings, if the OPS/MVS MSF interface is used.


The first 2 actions can be done via AP Configuration Manager. 

The 3th action (cci) needs to be copied manually (CCIRMTD.RC file). Advised is to make a backup of the AP Site directory (point 1) by starting the AP Configuration Manager and choosing the menu bar option File, Manage Site Files. In this option it's possible to Export the Site directory and then move it to the new AP server and Import it there into the new environment. For the AP NM information, it's also needed to be in the AP Configuration Manager application and then select the Expert Interface, Notification Services, Notification Manager. Here is the option NM Database Backup and Restore. This is to create a backup and move it to the new AP Server were it can be Imported into the new environment too.