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CA-Allocate temporary loop with DB2


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Allocate DASD Space and Placement


Temporary loop of CA Allocate looking for DD VDSBYPAS while going through the whole Extended Step IO Table (SIOT), which takes a very long time for DB2 as many tablespaces are allocated.


Release : 12.5

Component : CA Allocate DASD Space and Placement


Exclude the DB2 DBM1 tasks via EXCLJOB to avoid the loop.  

The EXCLJOB member must reside in the same data set as your ASRs: the one noted as the value of sysparm PLSPRGDS in the sysparm override member of your parmlib.

See sample SAMPEXCL in the CCTVJCL library and "Create an Exclude Jobs Names Member" at link - 

Note: RO91947 should be applied when using EXCJOBS. 


The observed code loop will not get executed for excluded DB2 tasks.