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Need date format changed for Report / Adhoc View


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


We have an advanced report / adhoc view that uses the week’s start and end date, but it is using Monday as the start day instead of Sunday.  Sunday is the date we use for timekeeping as the first day of week 

How do we fix the date in this report to be the correct week? By having the weeks misaligned the timecards do not align with this report.


Release : All Supported

Component : Clarity Reporting


  1. From the Administration menu, go to Project Management - Settings, change the 'First Day of the Work Week' to Sunday, if not already
  2. From the Administration menu again, go to Time Slices, and sort the slices by 'Slice Period'
  3. Change the From Date on all of the slices having a 'Weekly' slice period to start on a Sunday. For example, if the From Date is Monday 6/17/19, change it to the previous Sunday 6/16/19 and Save.  -- This can be done by clicking on either the slice ID or slice name to open the Time Slice Properties page.
  4. From Home - Reports and Jobs, run the 'Time Slicing' job, or if the job is already running, wait for it to complete. - The Time Slicing job needs to update the Last Run column for all the slices on the Time Slices list before proceeding with the next steps. If the job completes before all of the slices are updated, wait for it to run a second time for it to update the remaining slices.
  5. From Home - Reports and Jobs, run the 'Update Report Tables' job with the 'Update Reporting Calendar' option selected. Wait for it to complete.
  6. From Home - Reports and Jobs, run an instance of the 'Load Data Warehouse' job with the 'Full Load' option checked.