CA Dispatch DJDE printing issue - Not printing landscape and wrong font
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CA Dispatch DJDE printing issue - Not printing landscape and wrong font


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We have a report that is printing on a Xerox DJDE printer incorrectly. It's printing in PORTRAIT mode instead of LANDSCAPE mode. And, it's printing with the wrong FONT size.

Can you please let us know where to find the default settings for printing PMODE=LANDSCAPE and FONT=6 in CA Dispatch?


Release : 11.6 or 11.7

Product: CA Dispatch



To assist you with resolving your print problem, there are some important things you need to understand about printing Dispatch output on printers that use DJDE's...

1. The DEFAULT settings that will be used to print reports are not specified in Dispatch. They are pre-loaded within the printers themselves.

2. Dispatch typically inserts "2" DJDE packets in it's output. The first packet of DJDE's is used for the "Banner/Separator pages. The second DJDE packet is used for the REPORT.

3. The values defined in the 9.7 VSGMU170 screen under "IDEN Definition" will be used for "BOTH" DJDE packets that Dispatch inserts. The IDEN Definition values SKIP and OFFSET determine the location within the output that the DJDE packets will be placed.

4. The values defined on the 9.7 VSGMU170 screen under "Default Separator Page Definition" are used for the Dispatch "Banner/Separator pages ONLY". NOT the pages of the REPORTS, assuming that the report recipients DJDE values have been defined correctly.

5. It's the values defined on a report recipients VRDMU131, VRDMU1321 and VRDMU133 that will be used to build the DJDE packet that the REPORT will use for printing!!

Considering the above, it sounds like the adjustments you need to make in order to get the REPORT to print in "landscape with font size 6" would be in the PMODE and FONT fields on the report recipients VRDMU131 screen.

My suggestion would be to make the necessary adjustments, run the report through Dispatch, then browse the output dataset while it is still in JES (before it prints). If you browse it in JES, you should be able to see that the values from the report recipients VRDMU131 screen appear in the second DJDE's packet (The packet used to print the report).

If the correct values are there, and the report STILL does not print correctly, then the indication would be that the printer is not recognizing the Dispatch DJDE packet. And, consequently, not loading the appropriate printer controls for the report. In this problem scenario, the printer will use "it's own pre-loaded defaults".

If the printer is not recognizing the Dispatch inserted DJDE packets, this usually usually means that you will need to make adjustments to the SKIP and OFFSET fields on the Dispatch 9.7 VSGMU170 screen in order to reposition the Dispatch DJDE packets to match the location the printer is looking for them in. A confirmation that this might be the problem would be if the Dispatch DJDE packets are actually PRINTING as part of the report data.

If adjustments to the SKIP and OFFSET are necessary, there are two IMPORTANT things that you need to know:

A. Skip = This value tells the printer where on the line the actual DJDE begins. The default is 1.

   Important! If the Skip on the Xerox is 1, the SKIP in CA Dispatch should be defined as 2.

B. Offset = This value tells the Xerox printer in what column of each line to search for the DJDE prefix. The prefix is a character string that you have specified.

   Important! If the OFFSET on the Xerox is 0, the OFFSET in CA Dispatch should be defined as 1.

Hopefully, with the above information, you will be able to resolve your problem.

Additional Information

If you would like to learn more or need additional information on printing Dispatch output on printers that use DJDE controls, I would urge you to download a version of the CA Dispatch documentation available on our website and review the following areas of documentation:

- System Programmers Guide:

  Chapter 14: Advanced Print Facilities

  Section - Xerox Considerations

- User Guide for the Report Administrator:

  Chapter 9: Using Xerox Printers and DJDEs