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SAP Process Chain with long execution time aborting without any apparent reason


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


SAP_PCHAIN Uprocs finish in status Aborted, whereas the Process Chain containing an important number of steps takes long time to finish in SAP and Completes succesfully.

In the Uproc Job Log we see the word "abort" as here:

 | Process Attribute Change Run, variant Create new products APO Piaget has status Successfully completed (instance STRU_5RLT5XBORB0MHBBL4ZUKLVRKA) |

 | Process Data Transfer Process, variant PLAPAPAL_TEXT / PR1_100 -> Z5_MAOUPTNRM has status Successfully completed (instance DTPR_21HQUBBW3G01LIULKHNZ6OEOA) |

 | Process Data Transfer Process, variant PLAPAPAL_TEXT / PR1_100 -> Z5_MAOUPTNR has status Success


fully completed (instance DTPR_4ZW2J7LFSKZD3KKB82DBM9X70) |

 | Process Local Process Chain, variant Load Attributes from flat file Piaget has status Successfully completed (instance 6AS1SIQHBBA49CKNWJYU5E2Q4) |

 | Process AND (Last), variant All new products for Jewellery activated has status Completed (instance ANDP_4FAVGBBC7OCN7D50TF5RF4IJBG) |

In the RFC trace, we can find this sequence:


>> RfcFunction name="RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_STATUS"

>> EXPORTING parameters

>> E_MANUAL_ABORT, RFCTYPE_CHAR, Length: 2, Active: true, Requested: false



>> E_MESSAGE, RFCTYPE_CHAR, Length: 510, Active: true, Requested: false Value: : Process chain ZDUX_AFU_UPST_W_PAZD_DATA has status "Ended with errors" (log ID 2LNZIZMBAQJ1P55L5Y9FALHKM)


This message indicate that the BAPI function module RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_STATUS, responsible for retrieving the status of a Process Chain encountered an error.


Release : 6.x

Component : Dollar Universe with Manager for SAP


This is an issue caused by a bug in SAP Server as explained in SAP Note 2621656:

A synchronously executed DTP becomes red if the status is determined internally in the DTP, for example because the function module RSPC_API_CHAIN_GET_STATUS, which then checks the status of all processes 

in a process chain, is called in a transformation routine of the DTP and the DTP is currently running in this process chain. 


Resolution consists in applying the SAP Note 2621656 on the impacted SAP system. 

This step must be performed by the SAP Administration Team.

2621656 - P23; DTP: Synchronously executed request becomes red in status check


1561635615139__2621656 P23 DTP_ Synchronously executed request becomes red.pdf get_app