Different Node Status when connecting to different Failover UVMS members
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Different Node Status when connecting to different Failover UVMS members


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Newly registered nodes in a Master / Failover UVMS Architecture( Master and Failover) are not pushed to the other Nodes of the same Company.

Status of nodes appear in one UVMS as "Connected" but on the other member they appear as "External" or "Connected with warning". 

It is impossible to exchange between nodes of the same Company or perform a multinode session.


Release : 6.

Component : Univiewer Management Server in  Master  / Failover Architecture sharing an External Database


Both UVMS Failover Members were started at the same time.


UVMS Master / Failover Architecture only allows ONE member to be started at the same time.

In wrong configurations, using Oracle External Database,  both members can be Started at the same time causing this issue.

To fix the issue:

1. Stop both UVMS (Master and Failover)

2. Start only one UVMS ( the Master)

3. Perfom a full Synchronization of the impacted Node/s

Please follow the instructions described in the Documentation to keep both UVMS from being able to start when the other member has already Started and disable Automatic Startup of the Services: