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UVMS subordinate request full sync to master continuously


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A UVMS Subordinate performs badly, the response times are way too high.

Synchronization times with  UVMS Master take abnormally long as seen in the uvserver.log:

 |INFO | AdvancedArchitectureServiceThreadPool | com.orsyp.central.service.AdvancedArchitectureService$1 | synchronizeNodesOnSubordinate finished OK in 453 seconds, fullSynchro was requested

When registering a new node, it takes sometimes more than 30 seconds to get a response from the UVMS.

UVMS Subordinate Database Table called UNI_UV_MASTER_OPER_VERSION contains more than 10 records as expected.

On this case, it contained  almost 65K records of type NODE each of them with a different LAST_OPER_VERSION and ID.


Release : 6.x

Component: Univiewer Management Server in Master / Subordinate Architecture with external Database


Corruption in the UVMS Subordinate table UNI_UV_MASTER_OPER_VERSION 


In order to fix the issue, apply the following procedure to truncate the table UNI_UV_MASTER_OPER_VERSION from the impacted UVMS Subordinate.

1. Stop UVMS Subordinate

2. Connect to the UVMS Subordinate Database with the same user as the UVMS with the DB administration tool ( sqldeveloper or sqlplus).

3. Backup the table UNI_UV_MASTER_OPER_VERSION

4. Empty  the table UNI_UV_MASTER_OPER_VERSION:


5. Start UVMS Subordinate

6. Connect to the UVMS Master with UVC, double click on the UVMS Subordinate and click on Full Sync

7. Check the uvserver.log of the subordinate, the full synchronization should take a couple of seconds and fill again the table UNI_UV_MASTER_OPER_VERSION with only 10 records.

In case of an issue 

Additional Information

Rollback procedure:

Stop UVMS Subordinate


Start UVMS Subordinate