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Linux Agent does not submit jobs -- ended with return code '11'


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After a new installation of the agent on a linux system the following problem is encountered:


Agents is installed as indicated in the documentation. The Agent starts correctly. Jobs submission is systematically refused. The active log files starts with '01' instead of '00' as a number.

In the agent log for each submission attempt this error message is logged:


U02000005 Job 'J.LIFECYCLE.01.CHECK_JOB_START_O' with RunID '1885749' started.

U02000003 Job 'J.LIFECYCLE.01.CHECK_JOB_START_O' started with RunID '1885749'.

U02000009 Job 'J.LIFECYCLE.01.CHECK_JOB_START_O' with RunID '1885749' ended with return code '11'.



Rights and s-bit are set accordingly on the Linux agent binary


1199888 -rwsr-xr-x 1 root xxx  35232223 Apr 3 13:59 ucxjlx6


Release :

Component : LINUX Agent


The home folder for the user that starts the Linux Agent is missing.


Check that the user that starts the agent process and submit jobs has a $HOME folder created on this server. This could be the main reason why this problem is encountered and this point should be investigated at first during the troubleshooting.

Additional Information

This can concern Linux/UNIX Agent of any version.