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ARD: Loading Subflow notification is shown indefinitely to user


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When copying objects from a flow stored in ARD Hub, and pasting them into a newly created flow, the "Loading subflows" indicator never shows to complete.

To reproduce:

1. Connected to ARD Hub as Administrator using an ARD server

2. Opened a flow that contains subflows in the model. 

3. Copy all contents of the flow by doing a "Ctrl A" and then a "Ctrl C"

4. Open a New flow

5. Pasted in the copied contents by doing a "Ctrl V"

6. Notice the "Loading subflows" indicator never shows to complete.

I did not notice this behavior when working with locally stored files, and I did not test using flows stored in the TDM repository. 


Release : 2.10 and 2.11

Component : Agile Requirements Designer


DE414494 - Engineering found that the dialog doesn't update in the UI after complete loading of subflows.


The workaround is to switch tabs back and forth to the affected flow and given that the subflows are loaded the dialog disappears. 

It's important that users don't try to interact with the subflows during this time period as it may cause crashes. 

 There will be a full fix in ARD 3.0