TAPE input for subset (GTMSKF) and extract (GTXTMT) job is not supported.
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TAPE input for subset (GTMSKF) and extract (GTXTMT) job is not supported.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are looking for a way to use a TAPE based file as an input file for subset (GTMSKF) and extract (GTXTMT) job, which apparently is not supported.
Is there any way to do this?


Test Data Manager
TDM Mainframe


Using a Tape based file as the data source for Subsetting on the Mainframe side is not supported, and would require an Enhancement Request to be raised asking Product Management to consider this for a future release.


Engineering has provided the following proposed workaround: 

The recommendation here is for the client to take a copy of GTXMSKF runtime JCL procedure and the GTMSKF procedure.
The issue comes from the input file being defined as a tape based file and the user will have to provide the DBC information (file type, file format, length, etc) for the created outfile file.

 Therefore the user will have to make a copy of the following files:



Change the INDS line to point to the tape file.
Add the override values for the OUTDS, such as


Lib.proc(gtmskf) – you might have to do that change here in the JCL procedure that the runtime JCL is calling instead, so make a copy of this:


These are the changes required.
Keep in mind that these are only examples.
You will have to work with these entries to obtain the proper setup for what you are wanting to accomplish, but the overrides are the way to go.