Use Audit Trail To Track Changes Made
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Use Audit Trail To Track Changes Made


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Is there is a view or query for the results in Administration > Data Administration > Audit Trail?



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The data seen under Administration > Data Administration > Audit Trail can also be found under each object being audited.

For example, if auditing a field on the project object, if you go to a specific project instance, you'll see an Audit Trail (or Audit) tab.

This tab will contain data similar to the global Audit Trail page under Administration - Data Administration, but it will be specific to values of this particular project instance. You will also be able to see auditing on subobjects
in either the master object or the child object. For example, auditing done on a Team field will be available on both the project (master object) Audit Trail tab and the team (cild object) instance Audit tab. In the database, this Audit Trail data can be found in the CMN_AUDITS table.