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DUAS: Modification of Uproc's Functional Period is not taken into account in existing Tasks


Article ID: 133722


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Uproc is created with a Functional Period for example Daily and then a Task is created based on that Uproc or Uproc Header.

After some time, the Uproc Functional Period is modified, for example to Monthly.

The Tasks Processing Date continues to be created with a Daily value instead of a Monthly which is not desired.

There is no way to modify the Task's Functional Period via UVC or Command Line so that it retrieves the updated Functional Period of the Uproc.


Release : 6.x



Expected Behaviour, Functional Period of the Task is assigned upon Task's creation.

Current behavior does not allow to modify the Functional Period of the Task ( Processing Date period).


Current Behaviour: if the Task's Header Uproc has its Functional Period modified after having created the Tasks, the Task need to be recreated to extract the current Uproc's Functional Period.

Same applies for Uproc dependencies.


A workarond consists on exporting the Taks to xml, update the Task's functional Period and then import it again.

A new Product Enhancement Request has been submitted to be able to modify the Current Behavior and be able to synchronize the Uproc's Functional Period with the Task.