DevTest Resource Groups Setup
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DevTest Resource Groups Setup


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Service Virtualization


Teams need to points to their own VSE so that there is a lesser chance to conflicts and overriding of services.


All supported DevTest releases.




Steps to create Resource Groups and assign to Users:

1. From IAM add your users and set their password.

2. Make sure the VSEs are up and running.

3. Go to the Portal and login with an Admin userid.

4. Go to Access Control.

5. Choose Resource Groups.

6. Choose Add Resource Group.

7. Provide a name and description for the Resource Group.

8. Choose the Available VSE you want and assign it by clicking the first arrow icon.

9. Verify the resource has been assigned and click Save.

10. Go back to IAM and choose Roles.

11. Choose Add Role.

12. Give the Role a name and description.

13. Go back to the Portal.

14. Choose Roles.

15. Choose the Role you just created in IAM.

16. Assign the Permissions for this Role and click Save.

17. Go back to your Resource Groups.

18. Choose your Resource Group.

19. Choose the Roles in Resource Group tab.

20  Choose the Role you want in this Resource Group and click Save.

21. Go back to IAM.

22. Choose Users.

23. Bring up the user you want to assign the new role to.

24. Choose Role Mappings tab.

25. Assign the new role to the user.

26. User will now only have access to the Resources assigned to the Resource Group.

This will work for any type of resource.