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Rally Sync fails "Skipping project due to incorrect integration type set"


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The Agile Central Sync job is failing after creating a new integration in Clarity. The warning in the bg-ca.logs is "Skipping project due to incorrect integration type set to the Agile System: <Project Name>"


Release : 15.4.1 and higher



The root cause of the issue is due to 2 Agile Central addin pieces not being installed yet. This causes a problem in particular with any new new integration created where the integration type cannot be set. 


Install the below items for the Agile Addin in Content Add-Ins, then go back to the impacted projects and set the Integration Type

  • Agile Central Policy Details
  • Integration Property Views

To do this:

Important: For any integrations, it's recommended to take screen shots of the configurations and also copy and paste IDs into a separate document in case any of the values need to be reset after performing the below (typically needed for recently created integrations where the integration is failing with the above error message)

  1. In Clarity, go to Administration->Studio->Content Add-Ins
  2. Click on the Agile Addin
  3. Click on the Items tab
  4. Filter on Upgrade Ready status
  5. Check the check box next to:
    • Agile Central Policy Details
    • Integration Property Views
  6. Click Install
  7. Click Yes to install the items
  8. Once the install is completed, populate the integration type with ‘Portfolio Item’
  9. Additionally, any recently added integrations may need to be repopulated with the integration values (See KB: Default Agile Central Project ID and Default Agile Central Owner ID Retrieval)