Librarian 4.1 VM Interface errors
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Librarian 4.1 VM Interface errors


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After upgrading from z/VM 6.3 to z/VM 7.1 getting the following errors in Librarian:

LIBDCS920E Named segment doesn't exist - FINDSEGA

LIBDCS914E Named segment is not loaded



Librarian 4.1


Segments missing after upgrading.


Log on to CAIMAINT

Issue: CACT

Select Option 2; Product Administration

Select Option 2; Product Maintenance

Select Option 4; Update Product Options

Select either “Test System” or “Production System”

Select “CA-Librarian” (or however it shows up in the list)

A list of the installation/maintenance tasks should be displayed. Hopefully the list will include task: LT41I02B; select it.

It looks like the panel will have fields to be filled in for: DCSS NAME, START_ADDRES, and END_ADDRES. 

Assuming this information was entered previously when Librarian was installed Librarian, the previous values you entered should be already filled in. Presumably you can use those values, but you may want to change them.

There should be a PFkey at the bottom of the panel to EXECUTE the task.

Check to see if there is also a task listed to RUN LIBGEN. If so, then select that task to load the code into the DCSS. If not, then you can quit out of the panels back to CMS and run LIBGEN manually to load the code into the DCSS.