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Steps to repoint ITAM to a different EEM server


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During our upgrade,  moved our apps to a new EEM server.  Not able to log into ITAM now to update the EEM server settings. Are there command line procedures to update the EEM server that ITAM is using?


Release : 17.2

Component : CA Asset Portfolio Management


Verify for APM application presence in EEM:


* Confirm if the target EEM Server "EEM-TARGET1" has the APM application in place (access http://EEM-TARGET1:5250/spin/eiam/eiam.csp and see what applications exist)

* If the APM application is absent, create APM application group in EEM (if it already exists, this section can be skipped):
- Mount the APM installation media on the EEM server. (Do NOT run the installer!)

- Copy the file EEM_CASCM_APP_CREATION.xml from <Media>/EEMSetup folder to the <drive:>Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\EmbeddedEntitlementsManager\bin directory

- Open a command prompt to the above directory and run the command:

safex -h <hostname> -u EiamAdmin -p <EiamAdminPassword> -f EEM_CASCM_APP_CREATION.xml.


- Launch the EEM Admin UI from Start-> All programs -> CA -> Embedded Entitlements Manager and verify the 'APM' application group is listed in the drop down.




Manually point ITAM to use the new EEM Server:

* Access all of the settings contained in backend MDB, under the following SQL query:

SELECT FROM [mdb].[dbo].[al_cdb_configurationparameters] where componentkey = 'EEM'


* Change the "EEMBackend" entry to point to the new EEM Server of interest (change "OLD-EEMSERVER1" to read as "EEM-TARGET1")


* Change any EEM passwords as needed, encrypting the passwords using the APM Encryption tool (RO72722)

The tool can be downloaded via KB Article 139049


* Run the applauncher command to reset the uapmadmin password:

1. Using the APM 17.0 installation media, locate the folder <drive>:\products\ITAM\Setups\EEM


2. Copy the EEM folder to a local drive (ex. C:\EEM)


3. From a command line, navigate to the EEM folder and run the .exe program with the following parameters:

AppLauncher.exe -ProductName=EEM -EEMParameter='-EEMBackend="EEMhostname",-EEMAdminPass="xxxx",-EEMUapmPassword="newvalue",-EEMCasmPassword="yyyy",-DatabaseType="SQL Server",-DBServer="DBhostname",-UserID="sa",-DBName="mdb",-Port="1433",-DBOwner="dbo",-DBPassword="zzzz",-MdbAdminPassword="uuuu",-BundleVersion="17.0"'


Please note that:

EEMAdminPass is the password for EiamAdmin

EEMUapmPassword is the new value for uapmadmin password

EEMCasmPassword is the password for casmadmin

MdbAdminPassword is the password for mdbadmin


* Cycle IIS