How to reset EEM's EiamAdmin account
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How to reset EEM's EiamAdmin account


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How can I reset the EiamAdmin password for EEM if I don't have the previous password and cannot login in order to change it through the GUI normally?


Release: 12.6

Component: EEM


In order to reset the EiamAdmin on the EEM server you must first have some kind of DSA browser.

You will need to install and run any ldap or DSA  browser on your EEM server.    We normally recommend JXplorer 3.2.2 or higher (available at


Now you need to manually modify authentication to allow us to get in and change the password :

1)  edit the %DXHOME%/config/access/itechpoz.dxc file and set

access-controls = false;

Default is: set access-controls = true;



2)   Second, edit the %DXHOME%/config/settings/itechpoz.dxc and set

min-auth = none

Default is: min-auth = clear-password;



3)  Reinitialize the itechpoz DSA as shown below on the EEM server :

On non-Windows platforms, reinitialize itechpoz DSA from the command line using su - dsa -c "dxserver init all"
On Windows Platforms, restart the "CA iTechnology iGateway x.x" service and CA Directory Services.


I also recycled the service as shown below. Note that this does NOT also reinitialize the DSA like we do above.


4)   Now we can open our browser (jxplorer in this case) and make an anonymous connection.

Note that the DSA runs on port 509 as you can see in the EEM gui.


Tunnel down and in "table editor" mode you Navigate through World, itechpoz, Entities, Admins, and EiamAdmin

and can manually set the password or other values:



Please don't forget to change the files you modified back to how they were, reinitialize the DSA again, and cycle services to be safe.


Additional Information

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required to install the JXplorer application.