creating UMP group with "Dedicated is VirtualMachineHost" creates an empty group
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creating UMP group with "Dedicated is VirtualMachineHost" creates an empty group


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The spectrum integration grouping expects us to create groups that contain VMs, ESX Hosts, and vCenters.
I can create groups of VMs and vCenters with Dedicated is VirtualMachine or Dedicated is vCenter. 
But when I create a group with Dedicated is VirtualMachineHost, the group is empty. 

If I create the group based on machine name, i can get ESX Hosts in the group.  And I can see that Dedicated is VirtualMachineHost.

How am I supposed to create a group that contains ESX Hosts, as expected per Spectrum Support and Docops, if Dedicated is VirtualMachineHost does nothing?


Release : 8.X and newer



The problem you are facing is that USM displays "VirtualMachineHost" in the 'dedicated' field but if you look in the actual table it doesn't appear in cm_computer_system, it appears in cm_computer_system_attr.

To create a proper filter on this information you will need to do the following: 
 we will need to add PrimaryRole to the Advanced.. section. 
In order to perform this, please perform the following: 

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose 'Advanced...' This will open a new textbox below the "Advanced...."
2. Click on the "pencil in a box" icon 
3. This will bring up an 'Attribute List' popup window 
4. From this window scroll down and select "PrimaryRole" 
5. Now put "is VirtualMachineHost" for the rest of the filter  

Once you apply this it should then capture the systems as expected.