Why does VST show the same results in both HA nodes
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Why does VST show the same results in both HA nodes


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CA Identity Manager includes a View Submitted Tasks feature that provides information about tasks in a CA Identity Manager environment. You can use this feature to search for and view high-level details about actions that CA Identity Manager performs. Detail screens provide additional information about each task and event.

Depending on the status of the task, you can use View Submitted Tasks to abort or resubmit a task.


Release : 14.x

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


When reviewing the "View submitted tasks" (VST) in the Identity Manager User Console on a HA (High Availability) deployment, the tasks appear on both nodes. This is working as designed.


The Identity Manager (IM)  View Submitted Tasks (VTS) functionality does not only show the tasks/events handled by a specific node. The IM VST displays the contents of the Task Persistence DB (and possibly the Archive task DB) and so all the IM nodes will show the same VST contents as they will point to the same database (or copies of the database).