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Manually re-register one AdminUI when there are several configured


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When running several AdminUI's, there is no tool such as 'smreghost'
to re-register a given AdminUI.  This process needs to be done
manually and the following indicates how to re-register only 1 AdminUI
when there are several set for the same environment.




AdminUI 12.8




   1. Logon to the AdminUI machine;

   2. If the AdminUI runs on Linux, insure that /dev/random is linked
      to /dev/urandom or insure that rngd deamon is running;

   3. Stop the AdminUI;

   4. Browse to the following directory:  


   5. Open the "<OID>.conf"

      example: c10ec083-3703-36a9-ab76-28027e8441a6.conf

   6. Record the value in the "hostname=" field


   7. Delete or backup the '/data', '/tmp' and '/log' directories and
      all of its contents;

   8. Start the AdminUI;
   9. Logon to the Policy Server;
  10. Run XPSExplorer;
  11. Delete the Trusted Host whose name matches the value of the
      'hostname=' from the <OID>.conf on the AdminUI;

  12. Delete the Admin object whose name prefixed with "SMWAMUI:"
      also matches the 'hostname=' from the <OID>.conf on the AdminUI;

      example: SMWAMUI:lavst01-l21290.lvn.broadcom.net__0

  13. Prepare the Policy Server for a new AdminUI registration :

      XPSRegClient siteminder:<password> -adminui-setup

  14. Logon to the AdminUI with a web browser to 


  15. Populate the following fields:

      User Name: siteminder

      Password: <Password> 

      Server: <Policy Server Name>

Further information about re-registration can be found in the documentation (1).


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