Migrating Individual Objects with XPSExport
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Migrating Individual Objects with XPSExport


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Using the XPSExport and XPSImport utilities I am exporting specific
domains. But the associated objects (e.g. agents; agent groups;
Realms; etc) are missing.




Policy Server r12.6; r12.7; r12.8.x




You will need to include all of the linked and child objects in the
XPSExport if they are not already in the target policy store.

  1) Obtain the XID of the object (This can be done either by exporting
     the entire domain or by using XPSExplorer)

  2) Export the single domain

     xpsexport domain1.xml -xo <XID> -npass

  3) Record all of the XID's from the <References> section

  4) Create an export file


  5) Within the 'domain1.txt' export file, list the Domain XID followed
     by the XID's of all of the Reference Objects. One XID per line.

  6) Export the object and all referenced objects using the export file

     xpsexport Domain1.xml -xf Domain1.txt -npass

  7) Now you can run XPSImport against the Domain1.xml file and the
     domain and all referenced objects will be copied into the Target
     policy store.


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