SLAs not recalculating
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SLAs not recalculating


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have a few SLAs in UIM that don't seem to be re-calculating even though I see consistent 5 minute data entries in the tables.


Release: UIM 9.0.2

Component : UIM - SLA_ENGINE 9.0.2


- QOS data changes


Via webex.

After examining the QOS objects and data for one of the SLAs that was not recalculating as expected:



Target: bank2-NS_bank2_xx

We could see that there were 2 identical targets listed in the SLA but only one contained the current data (as per "Get Statistics" option when clicked)

The only difference was that one of the identical targets was associated with a different origin, e.g., bank2-NS_bank2_AS was associated with hub2 and bank2-NS_bank2_AS was associated with hub1.

So we MERGED the data TO the QOS object where the current samples were being saved. We then checked the SLO percent achievement and they turned from blue to green and the values increased. Then we saved the SLA to refresh it.

Then under the SLAs section in the SLM portlet, we refreshed the SLA on the left-hand side of the SLM portlet.

The percent quickly changed from 33.21% to 99.82% achieved.

Issue resolved.