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Sysload Monitor: event cannot be written "Could not insert into event table"


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CA Automic Sysload


In Sysload Monitor,  URL Scan Monitor Tasks fails to generate an Event when it fails because the the URL is too long.

In the web page/ sysload log we have the following kind of error:

Could not insert event into database (rc=-1). Could not insert into event table. Query error. Data too long for column 'EVMESSAGE' at row 1 (INSERT INTO SPM_EVENTS_DATA( EVGUID, EVTYPE, EVSTATUS, EVSEVERITY, EVDATE, EVTIME, EVDATETIME, EVSOURCE, EVMESSAGE, EVCOMMENTS ) VALUES


Sysload Monitor 6.0


The issue is due to the EVSOURCE that is limited to 255 chars.


In order to test long URLs, the field "'Output Resource Name" should be filled, for example adding the first 15 characters of the URL, this is the value that will be used instead of the URL in the field EVSOURCE when inserting the Event in the Database.

This will allow the Event to be created.

Additional Information

More information in the Sysload Monitor Documentation: