Spectrumgtw stops synchronizing the alarms from CA UIM to CA Spectrum
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Spectrumgtw stops synchronizing the alarms from CA UIM to CA Spectrum


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The spectrumgtw stops synchronizing the CA UIM alarms into CA Spectrum. When this problem happens, spectrumgtw probe needs to be restarted.


Release : CA Spectrum 10.2.3 and CA UIM 8.51 + spectrumgtw-8.6.5-HF10 

Component : spectrumgtw-8.6.5-HF10


Deploy the new ems-10.2.0-H3.zip probe on the primary Hub (where the spectrumgtw is also deployed). This probe version has a potential fix for the issue you are seeing in spectrumgtw probe.

You can download it from https://support.ca.com/us/product-content/recommended-reading/technical-document-index/ca-unified-infrastructure-management-hotfix-index.html  

Even though in the URL above it says the prerequisite is CA UIM 9.02, you can deploy in your CA UIM 8.51, as per development.

This is because you have MS-SQL 2016 with SQL Server authentication (not Windows authentication).  

1. Deactivate the Trellis probe in IM  

2. Deactivate EMS probe in IM 

3. Delete from IM  

4. Rename the C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes\service\ems\ directory

5. Deploy the ems-10.2.0-H3 probe

6. Deactivate the spectrumgtw probe in IM

7. Delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes\gateway\spectrumgtw\spectrumgtw.log.## log files (delete the spectrumgtw log files)

8. Activate the Trellis probe in IM

9. Activate the EMS probe in IM

10. Activate the spectrumgtw probe in IM

Additional Information

The latest release of spectrumgtw is 8.65HF12

How to check the Spectrum UIM Services version:

Check in Trellis probe - <Ctrl> + <P>, select "List Deployments" and press the Play button.