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CA View - Does a View Backup Cycle Impact a Currently Running SARPAC Process?


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Does the running of a View backup have any impact to a currently running SARPAC process?


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Component : CA View


If there is a View backup and SARPAC running at the same time, a result could be of the generation of SARDBI11 messages, as a result that SARPAC, from its table, was looking to process a report that had been deleted during a concurrent standard backup.  

There is actually nothing wrong with this condition, and it occurs strictly as a timing issue.   

Message "SARPAC03 MASTER INDEX IS ALREADY IN USE" can be generated when one SARPAC is updating the master index, and a second SARPAC is trying to access the master index.

If need be, the SARPAC job can be stopped and restarted.  

It will pick up where it left off, and will run to successful completion.

The general suggestion is not to run them both at the same time, to avoid performance issues.