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Unable to create virtual attributes from Sub objects associated with an Investment Object such as the Project Object


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Unable to create virtual attributes on multiple sub objects whose master object is an investment type object (such as Investment, Idea, Project). Impacted sub objects include Task, Team, Risk, custom sub objects created where their master object is an investment type object. Error received: 

ERRORSystem error. Contact system administrator. 

Objects that do not have the issue include: Assignment and Portfolio Plan 

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a calculated attribute on the Investment object
2. Make the formula a constant of 0
3. Click 'Save & Return' button

4. Try to create a new virtual attribute on the Task object

Expected Results: To see no error on the 'Object: Investment - Select Attributes of Referenced Items' page with the Master Object field having a pull-down for listing all master objects available for selection to create the virtual attribute

Actual Results: The ability to create the virtual attribute is halted due to a system error on the 'Select Attributes of Referenced Items' page. The master Object name is also missing from the title of the page.


This issue is caused by DE49721.


Release : 15.6.1



This issue is targeted to be fixed in 15.7.1. 

Additional Information

See the following KB For a defect fixed in 15.6.1 for a similar issue on the Portfolio Plan object: