DUAS: issues with SOAP/REST Resources in OR launch formula
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DUAS: issues with SOAP/REST Resources in OR launch formula


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Jobs with a Launch Formula consisting in two SOAP or REST Resources where the left condition is OK and the right condition is KO, do not work as expected and remain in status Event Wait.

Additionally, the command "uxshw upr" displays wrong information about the conditions compared to UVC.


Release : 6.x



The command uxshw upr applied the first SOAP resource condition to all the other SOAP resource conditions in the launch formula.

In addition, during the execution, if the launch formula is an OR, the left SOAP or REST resource condition was used for all the other SOAP or REST conditions, which means that if the left condition is not met, the uproc remains in Event Wait.


The problem is now corrected. The command uxshw upr shows the correct SOAP resource conditions, and the launch formula is correctly evaluated for the SOAP and REST resource conditions.

Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix (s):

Component: Dollar Universe

Dollar Universe 6.10.11 - Released 2nd October 2019