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Microsoft Active/Passive Cluster resource monitoring where agents are also required individually on the Cluster nodes.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have a Microsoft cluster of two nodes.

We want to set up an agent on a cluster resource. This resource has its own IP address and DNS name (distinct from the two hosts). 

In this case, we want: 

  • That the agents present on each node of the Cluster, listen only on the fixed and respective IP addresses to each of the nodes.
  • That a third agent, installed on the cluster resource (disk resource), listen on the ip address of the resource.


  • Release : 9.0.2
  • Windows 2012R - SQL 2016
  • Agent 7.97
  • Hub 7.97


We used the keys:

  • robotip = {IP disk resource} 
  • robotip_alias = {IP disk resource}
  • local_ip_validation = no 
  • strict_ip_binding = no
  • validate_ip_suggestion = no

With this configuration, the probes listen well on the desired IP, and the "proxy_mode" of the agent works.

Additional Information

This configuration allows you to work around limitations of the cluster probe:

  • More than 2 nodes can be supported with this configuration (4 hosts in our target + 2 hosts DR) .
  • Cluster resources can have an "origin" different, and each resources can have there own "origin".
  • The agent on the Cluster Resource allows to have a total compatibility with the MCS profiles.