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Need to change PAM script for ticket pre-pended Description with CI name


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


When SOI creates a ticket to Service Now through ITPAM it pre-pends the Description field with SOI Server [SOi server name] and forwarded Alarm [Alarm ID] , how to replace the "SOI Server [SOi server name] and forwarded Alarm [Alarm ID]" section with CI name?


Release :

Component : Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager 4.2


- Log in to ITPAM

 - Go to Library

 - expand root folder / 

 - Select "CA Help Desk Integration" and you'll see the "Configuration Dataset" on the right hand side 

- Expand Internal Configuration and the DescPrepend field has the description that is pre-pended to the description sent from SOI. 

 - To Edit this right click the Configuration Dataset 

 - check out 

 - Edit the DescPrepend to your liking. Please keep in mind any value in DescPrepend field should within a double quote. 

- Save and check in 

- To prepend the Description with the CI name do the following: 

- Edit the ticket action in SOI console - Select Description property name and Add $[Model Name] to the property value window.