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MICS Maintenance for Z/OS 2.3


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MICS Resource Management


We're in the process of uprading z/OS to z/OS 2.3.  Is there any maintenance for MICS to support Z/OS 2.3?


Release :  14.1

Component : MICS


You will need a few PTFs for MICS for z/OS v2r3 support.    

UPGRAD solution QI10307 documents what is required.

As doc'ed, here's what is required for z/OS V2R3 :

RMF7115 - z/OS 2.3 Extended Support for z/OS 2.3

PTF in progress; not yet available.

**RMF7115 will though be on the r14.2 PSP.

RMF7108 - z/OS 2.3 Extended Support for z/OS 2.3 ......Published as PTF SO06894.

RMF7097 - z/OS 2.3 Extended Support for z/OS 2.3 ......Published as PTF SO06614.

RMF7095 - Storage Class Memory support for Coupling Facility (pre-z/OS 2.3), plus z/OS 2.3 updates related to Storage Class Memory.

     PTF in progress; not yet available.

RMF7095 is not really z/OS 2.3 specific. We've had a project on the backburner to provide more information about Storage Class Memory. With z/OS 2.3, IBM added more info about Storage Class Memory, but the data we'll input to provide this support goes back to z/OS 2.1.

RMF7095 will *not* be on the 14.2 PSP.

Additional Information

This link will take you to the Mainframe Compatibility Matrix on CSO that includes z/OS v2r3 Compatibility info (QI43569);