UVMS performs multiple LDAP queries while UVC remains connected
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UVMS performs multiple LDAP queries while UVC remains connected


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


UVMS continues to query the LDAP server while the user is authenticated.

This can cause some UVC users to be Locked in the LDAP Server if the UVC console remains started with an outdated / expired password.


Release : 6.x

Component : Univiewer Console  and Univiewer Management Server


Until UVC 6.10.11, when UVC starts, it creates dedicated threads that check the statuses of external nodes ($U, zOS, Reporter, Unijob, UVMS, SAP, EJB). 

The check is done according to UVMS setting called OWLS_UVMS_UVC_NODE_STATUS_TIMER more or less 30 seconds. For example, if OWLS_UVMS_UVC_NODE_STATUS_TIMER is set to 600, each thread will perform a check every 600 seconds (randomly more or less 30s).

This check requires a connection to UVMS, and all connections to UVMS have a retention period of 240 seconds. That means that as long as the user is active or connections are made to UVMS (status checking threads), the connections are recycled. 

Otherwise, if the connection has not been used for more that 4 minutes, it will be closed, and another connection with an authentication to UVMS (and to LDAP if it is an LDAP user) will be created when needed. 


In order to fix this issue and avoid additional queries to LDAP, a new setting has been introduced in UVC User Settings to be able to modify the UVMS connection retention that was set to 240s by default.

If UVMS setting  OWLS_UVMS_UVC_NODE_STATUS_TIMER is set to 600, the  UVC setting Connection Retention "Default UVMS Connection Retention Delay in seconds" should be set to a higher value, ie 700s.

Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s):

Component: Univiewer Management Server

Dollar Universe 6.10.11 - Released September 2019