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Response we get as plain text instead of XML format


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


How to get a static response with XML format for Unknown Response. I changed the Unknown response in the VSI, but it still shows in text only . 


Release : 10.7 and up

Component : CA Service Virtualization


1. From the Portal choose Manage Virtual Services. 

2. Choose your service. 

3. Choose Transactions. 

4. View Unknown Transactions. 

5. Choose Advanced Mode button on the upper right side of the Portal. 

6. Click on the Meta data tab for the Response. 

7. Change the Content Type value to text/xnl. 

8. Click on the Meta data tab for the Request. 

9. Change the Content Type value to text/xml. 

10. Save the Service configuration. 

11. Re-Deploy the service. 

12. Go back to the Browser and sent the request to get an unknown transaction and response comes back with XML format.